Charles Manson New Single CD

Project Summary:

Charles Manson: End of Days Got Money Records ™ UPC: 887936647451

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A few months ago I was approached by a well known record executive from New York, NY. He asked me if I would be interested in creating/producing a music CD through my record label — Got Money Records (GMR). When I asked him what he wanted pressed out… his response, “Charles Manson.” I almost fainted! No but seriously, I thought he was joking. Nevertheless, my first response to him was a big fat… NO! “NO, NO, No way man, are you F’n crazy,” I said? He replied, “No, but I know you are.” I proceeded to ask him why me? He mentioned something about knowing how the majority of my work these day’s involved “the paranormal, the supernatural, spiritual subjects, ghosts, and of coarse…horror (murder, death, true crime, gangsters, macabre, etc.).

Anyway, after much begging from him, and pondering on this one for some time, I finally gave in and said, “YES.” Well needless to say, my family members (I feel sorry for them) — especially my wife wanted nothing to do with Manson. By the way, my wife still isn’t talking to me regarding this project. In fact, as we speak, I believe she’s currently now in the process of trying to legally change her last name, from “Mentillo” to “Disney” or something like that. Can’t say I blame her.

After my record executive friend received Manson’s final approval along with completing a legal copyright law registration (a creative common law copyright license) we moved forward and began the label press procedures, creating and producing the song for his new CD release called, “Charles Manson: End of Days.” The CD will be on sale and available – internationally. Oh ya, and by the way…speaking of internationally, I myself however, may not be available in the USA, and may decide instead to flee the country; Especially if my wife decides to kick me out of the house for good! Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

The musical audio CD piece displayed inside, is the original raw recording song –sung by Charles Manson… prior to the August 9, 1969 Sharon Tate / Leno and Rosemary LaBianca murders; for which Manson and his family were suspected of orchestrating.

Many conspiracy theories have transpired over the years, depicting other possibilities as to what the real motive was behind theses murders. Regardless, the Charles Manson… “End of Days,” explores the music motive to the Manson murders and uncovers Charles Manson’s relationship with Beach Boys’ drummer, Dennis Wilson and record producer, Terry Melcher.

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