“The Creative Arts Awards” (T.C.A.A) Facebook.com

ImageGreeting Facebook Fans!
Do You Or Someone You Know Deserve A Facebook Nominee Star For… “The Creative Arts Award” Here On Facebook? If So Send Us Your vote.
Go  to our page here at …. http://www.facebook.com/gotmoneyrecords and send us the name of the person you think deserves the award.
For those of you who have friends in the creative arts field here on Facebook, and think they deserve …a star, then let us know. These are Facebook friendly awards and anyone who is registered on Facebook, is registered to vote. If your candidate is not on Facebook, they will need to join Facebook and we will then consider them, a possible candidate for earning a star and they will also have a chance to win the award for the month. We have knew Facebook star candidates every month. So come join the fun, and participate.