Supernatural – Paranormal Excursion

I’m seriously considering organizing a private search party group of paranormal researchers to investigate interesting legends of supernatural phenomenon in and around the Seekonk, & Dover Massachusetts area. However, I’m not to fond of the Dover, Massachusetts legend, because it could be literally dangerous…considering many people have been reported missing and or found mutilated while investigating in those creepy back — wooded areas. If you think you’re up for the challenge, and may be interested, please contact me ASAP. Thank you!

The Dover Massachusetts one is about some kind of demon that has reportedly killed people. The locals call it, “The Dover Demon.”

a roadway. Many people report hitting him with their vehicles. However, when they get out of their cars to investigate, he is gone. When they return back to their car, they see him sitting by them in their car’s passenger side -laughing. The laugh is very creepy. I wrote a movie script on this phenomenon.


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