From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014)

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FDTD16The best part about having a puppy (or a child I suppose, though I bet most children don’t smell like popcorn) is that you get to introduce her to things that you love – pizza, pretzels, Doctor Who, John Carpenter – and to warn her about things she should avoid – vampire movies, mainly.

Not all vampire movies, of course. There are exceptions: Max Shreck, Lugosi of course, Hammer movies. Not so many recent ones, unfortunately: 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. To be honest, I’d grown wary and weary of vampires. They’d moved away from the mesmerising, menacing threats I’d grown up with, metamorphosing into teen figures, soft-porn props and, well.. the sparkly ones. You know the ones. I swear to God, Sesame Street’s Count was more predatory than some of the bloodsuckers I’ve seen.

Before things got really bad, however, we had 1996’s FROM DUSK…

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