Chris Mentillo: “On True Crime.”

Chris Mentillo: “On Serial Killers.”


The other day a friend of mine asked me why I’m so into serial killers. I told him this is only partially true. I’m not into serial killers. In fact, quite the opposite is true..I’m appalled by what they do to others, and as a result this has caused me to further research the way in which they think. In other words, the unsolved mystery and psychology behind these criminals are what intrigues me the most about them. Anyway…apart from this, what has always interest me about these kinds of criminals is how smart they are. A perfect example of this is, Ted Bundy, and even more notorious, Jack The Ripper –one of my favorite cases.

Additionally I find the psychology of the way in which their brain works to be most startling. What causes each killer to create such havoc in peoples lives? I’ve also asked myself questions like..why do they have such urges to destroy? What goes on in their brain for which triggers off their hatred toward certain individuals? Besides having a criminal psychology background…these question have always remained elusive to me. Very interesting topic for me indeed!

To date my most recent book on the market, Weird Tales of Horror..”Stories From The Dead,” is a compilation of short stories, for which portrays several portrait’s of “Jack The Ripper” — my favorite unsolved serial killer case.

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