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Boy it was busy this Wed, Angel and Faith #25 ended and what a great ending it sets up S10 next year perfectly. Angel is in a better place and now has a new role in life. Army of Darkness/Hack #2 Cassie and Ash team up to stop someone from bringing forth the Army of Darkness. DC Villians month, After the end of Trinity War the Justice League were killes and The Crime Syndicate invaded from Earth 3. Now the villians take over the month of September. Witj leticular covers. These are very very cool. Check out the  story Scarface written by Gail Simone and cont into Batgirl next month its messed up. JOKER takes over Batman and it a fucked look at his child hood. Ben Templesmith has a new book with J Michael Strzinksi Ten Grand is about a PI who deals in supernatural cases all the while…

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