Amazon will begin offering a library of streaming music sometime in June or July, but the selection will be limited and only include songs older than six months. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos The information comes via a well-sourced report in BuzzFeed, and confirms leaks in April that Amazon is finally ready to launch a long-rumored music service to compete with an increasingly crowded field that includes Google, Apple, Spotify and others. The report says Amazon’s offering will be packaged as yet another add-on that is intended to make its annual $99 Prime membership more attractive. In other words, Prime members will soon get to enjoy an online jukebox in addition to 2-day shipping, and Amazon’s limited but growing selection of e-books and movies.

So far we’ve heard a lot of explanations for why Apple decided to spend $3 billion to acquire Beats and most of them have involved getting into the music streaming game or bringing top Beats executive Jimmy Iovine into the fold. However, there is another reason that Apple bought Beats that we may have overlooked: Teenagers actually love Beats headphones. Business Insider points us to a recent survey conducted by Statista showing that Beats headphones are by far the favorite brand of headphones for American teenagers. In fact, more than 46% of all teens surveyed said they preferred Beats headphones to others while more than 25% said they preferred Apple’s — no other brand of headphones scored higher than 10%.