On Wed., June 11, 7 p.m. PT/10 p.m. ET, Yahoo Screen will livestream Arctic Monkeys’ concert from iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles. Tune in to see the band perform songs from their latest album ‘AM’ and conduct a live Q&A with radio personality Trey Morgan!

Orange Is the New Black proves this season that it embraces schlocky music wholeheartedly and believes their characters do as well, frequently having them perform or sing along. Morello sobs in her car to the love theme from Footloose; new inmate Soso demonstrates her love of ’90s female singer songwriters. The best OITNB music moments feature old, somewhat stale songs, that make you wonder whether or not the people responsible for the show have had contact with the outside world for years. Episode: “Looks Blue, Tastes Red”

Mark Fuhrman — As the lead Los Angeles Police Department detective on the Simpson case, it was Mark Fuhrman who said he found a bloody glove at O.J. Simpson’s house hours after Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were discovered murdered. But Simpson’s defense team accused Fuhrman of planting evidence as part of a racist plot to frame the former football star. On the stand, Fuhrman testified that he had not used a racial epithet in 10 years, but defense lawyers undermined that testimony by playing a tape in which Fuhrman used the N-word and bragged that he had abused black criminal suspects. In 1996, Fuhrman pled no contest to a perjury charge and was sentenced to probation and a $200 fine — a deal that made it impossible to ever hold a police job again. He remains the only person convicted of a felony in the Simpson saga. He later wrote a book about the Simpson murders, “Murder in Brentwood” and became the host of his own radio show. He now works as a forensics expert for Fox News.(AP Photo/Reed Saxon)