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Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angle & Faith Season 10

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Buffy returns to comics with Season 10 this time with the team of Rebecca Isacks and Christopher Gage who worked on Angel and Faith S9 (for anyone unfamiliar with the books there was no S6-8 of Angel it was called that to show where in the time line it takes place with the Buffy Comic, all mini series and one shots carry the SEASON subtitle). The entire S8 and 9 are in tpb thru Dark Horse comics so make sure you go read it. Buffy and the gang are still dealing with the Zompires and now have the threat of Vampires with all new powers, shape shift into bats, wolfs, mist and can with stand sun light. It also takes more than just a poke of Mr.Pointy to stop them. Spike it right by Buffy side in this book, Billy the Vampire Slayer and his bf/watcher also returns as well…

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New Comics in Horror

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Boy it was busy this Wed, Angel and Faith #25 ended and what a great ending it sets up S10 next year perfectly. Angel is in a better place and now has a new role in life. Army of Darkness/Hack #2 Cassie and Ash team up to stop someone from bringing forth the Army of Darkness. DC Villians month, After the end of Trinity War the Justice League were killes and The Crime Syndicate invaded from Earth 3. Now the villians take over the month of September. Witj leticular covers. These are very very cool. Check out the  story Scarface written by Gail Simone and cont into Batgirl next month its messed up. JOKER takes over Batman and it a fucked look at his child hood. Ben Templesmith has a new book with J Michael Strzinksi Ten Grand is about a PI who deals in supernatural cases all the while…

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Free Comic Book Day

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Today is Free Comic Book Day lots of free comics to be given away head down to your local comic shop like Thats Entertainment, Bed Rock Comics, Hall of Comics to check out what we have in store.
The V Wars by Johnathan Maberry came out Wed and issue zero is a FCBD issue with cover art by Kevin Eastman. Zombie Tramp is another Horror comic I picked up much more humor horror than V Wars. Tomorrow night reps from The Hartford Comic Con come on the show.


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Top 10 Horror Movie Clichés

Oh, I know what’€™s coming next… I knew it. Join as we count down the top 10 horror movie clichés.

Horror Movie  Videos

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Chris Mentillo Horror Movies






A  superb classic…supernatural horror tale –taken from his short story collection, “Tales of Horror” series: An “unhappy heiress” tries to find eternal solitude by turning back towards her childhood to cure her present psychological anguish of getting older. Only she finds out later she may have made a big mistake.

“A superb Victorian supernatural horror tale. This riveting tale will take you into a very old, dark, and eerie dwelling, where the past does not equal the future. Or does it?”

If you love the supernatural, ghosts, paranormal, unidentified creepy creatures, and of coarse horror, then you don’t want to miss out on this one!


“Interview With Chris Mentillo”



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