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Chris Mentllo, Weird Tales of Horror: “Stories From The Dead.”

The Mentillo Brother’s, & Chris Mentillo Productions Presents……Weird Tales of Horror: “Stories From The Dead.” Vol 1. 12 creepy and strange supernatural (paranormal) horror stories which will lift you off your feet, and keep you up for days.

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Chris Mentillo Books

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Chris Mentillo Productions, & “The Mentillo Brother’s” Present….

A Sneak Preview of Chris Mentillo’s, brand new paperback horror Anthology.

Chris Mentillo: Weird Tales of Horror: “Stories From The Dead.” Vol. 1,  By Chris Mentillo. Edited by Jeremy R. Mentillo

Jeremy R. Mentillo
Mentillo Brother’s, Weird Tales of Horror Book.


List Price: $4.99
“Amazon Kindle Books.” (504 pages)
ISBN-13: 978-1492962144
ISBN-10: 1492962147 BISAC: Fiction / Horror

Chris Mentillo Presents…Weird Tales of Horror, “Stories From The Dead.” Vol. 1

 From the Master’s of Horror themselves, this new anthology compilation of 12 chilling supernatural horror stories, (500 pages long) will lift you off your feet, and literally keep you up for days!!
This book also contains: 1 short novel about a serial killer, who terrorizes the cold and dark streets of London, England.